Our Development Process
Our Culinary and Technology team are here to work with you to develop a depth of flavors perfectly suited for your business success.  We are committed to provide and ensure high quality products to meet customers’ requirements and needs. 
We will work with your team in developing/matching/and engineering recipes to maximize your business opportunities. As your partner in product development, Diversified brings a wide range of development skills to the table. Our product expertise includes: soups, sauces, batter and breader systems, side dishes, spice blends and a wide range of ready to eat entrees.
Our experienced Culinary and Technology team will work with your team to develop exclusive proprietary recipes from conception at the bench all the way through to plant production.
  • To ensure culinary integrity, our development process begins with the chefs in the culinary side of R&D.
  • Our chefs work to perfect the flavor, texture, and appearance of your product.
  • The technology side of our R&D department work alongside the chefs as the product works its way into pilot production and full scale commercialization.
  • The collaboration between the chefs and food scientists is what ensures your product has all the organoleptic attributes you desire and is scientifically sound.

At Diversified, our team is here to build a partnership with you and your company.



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