Continuous Product Innovation

At Diversified, product development is about much more than creating great tasting, high quality cuisine. It’s about continuous product innovation that brings you superior menu solutions. It’s about talented chefs and food scientists who are passionate about food and inspired to create culinary masterworks. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about blending your culinary vision with our creativity and technology – resulting in the perfect products to meet your unique needs.

Our Technology Culinary Center, located at the largest processing plant, is the focal point of the Facility. The center is comprised of full time professionals and technicians (4 chefs and 4 food scientists). The center’s physical assets include offices, laboratories, pilot plant and storage area.

State of the Art R&D

The culinary center is focused on delivering state of the art R&D, and new product innovation that is aligned with today’s emerging consumer trends.

The facility also enables the company to stay abreast of changes that are beneficial to controlling and improving cost, improvement in unit operations, evaluation of new equipment, up-dating of processing system, improvement in quality control and product assurance, defining the critical control points and hazards, control of any nutritional losses, development of better packaging technologies including shelf life performance, the designation of potential food additives and their application and uses.

We take great pride in developing inspiring recipes while also building originality into your menu. It’s a natural extension of our heritage – the unique Louisiana culture that has made creating wonderful food a much-loved way of life for us.

Flavor, Texture & Appearance

We have created a product development process that is both comprehensive and contemporary. Our research and development efforts encompass everything from flavor, texture and appearance to shelf life, packaging and much more.

In addition, our chefs and food scientists work closely with our manufacturing, purchasing and quality departments to deliver products promptly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to learn more details about our product development services, simply fill out and submit our convenient information request form. You may also view professional biographies of some of our chefs and innovative personnel.