We take quality very seriously at Diversified Foods.

After all, it is impossible to create truly delicious, flavorful food unless your ingredients, cooking techniques, manufacturing and all other processes are of the highest quality. We are nothing if not true to our Cajun and Creole roots and traditions of creating the best food anywhere – so to us, only the best quality is acceptable.

We are proudly certified GFSI/BRC compliant and recognized by Silliker Laboratories, AIB International, and the Department of Defense as having met their standards.

Food Safety is #1

Our food safety / quality programs are recognized by industry leaders in food safety as having met or exceeded the industry standards. Our team maintains their certification and education current with today’s ever changing food safety regulations.

In addition, our quality assurance team provides ongoing support to all Diversified divisions including product development, technology, manufacturing, purchasing and national accounts. In this way, we ensure that quality is a priority across the board at Diversified Foods.

No product is released for sale until these measurements are completed and satisfies the rigorous specification that we assist our customer’s in writing for each product.

Food Professionals Trained in Food Science, Microbiology, and Manufacturing

Our quality assurance team includes talented food professionals who are trained in food science, microbiology, and manufacturing. In addition, we maintain our own on-site, professionally staffed laboratories in each facility to ensure that the highest standards of quality are upheld every day at Diversified.

The data collected from these laboratories assure our products meet our customer’s expectations for the highest quality possible. Our laboratories test every batch of product we make to verify that the HACCP program they were produced under are safe as priority #1. Our microbiological laboratories test for a range of indicator organisms including Coliforms, E.Coli, Salmonella species, Listeria species, and Staphylococcus species. In addition, we also test total aerobic plate count. Each batch is subjected to an organoleptic evaluation by trained QC technicians. Our chemical testing capabilities include the standard tests such as pH, and %moisture, but we also have capabilities for measuring water activity, % Brix, titratable acidity, % fat, viscosity, % Soda, and LAB color readings.

While the primary objective of our quality assurance department is food safety, we also focus heavily on food quality.

We Start with the Highest Quality Ingredients

Quality is built into our products from the very beginning when they are developed by our talented culinary chefs and food scientists. We start with only the highest quality ingredients and keep that level of quality consistent with our customer’s expectations from that point on.

Our beans, for example, are procured only from select vendors that can meet our specifications that far exceed USDA grade A standards. They are the best quality that the industry can offer, without exception.

Our seasonings and spices are checked and double checked to assure they are the freshest they can be, and of high quality to consistently deliver the special flavors that we pride ourselves in delivering.

Our shelves are stocked with the freshest milk and vegetables, aged cheese, and flavorings to assure our products are the freshest, most flavorful that they can be.