Diversified Foods & Seasonings, INC. Reveals $9.5 Million Expansion

Madisonville, LA – It has been announced that completion of the Diversified Foods & Seasonings INC. (DFSI) $9.5 million capital expansion project to the Madisonville, LA location has taken place. DFSI was established by Al Copeland in February of 1985 as a custom food manufacturer to multi-unit restaurant segments.

This investment to expand DFSI will allow the facility to further its development capabilities in the retail areas of high speed single serve bowls and multi-serving trays. It will also add storage for dry, refrigerated and frozen goods. These advances will enable DFSI to better meet the needs of its food service, retail and industrial customers. Along, with physical expansions to the building, this expansion will create new jobs in this area.Regarding this expansion, President and CEO Peter Smith stated that “The Madisonville capital expansion is a critical component of the company’s aggressive growth strategy. This has provided the company with much needed incremental capacity in the areas of kettle cooked and thermally processed meals, side dishes, and sauces, and will enable us to better meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We have taken what was already a world class manufacturing facility to an even higher plane.”

“We are excited to see where the investment to grow and improve Diversified Foods and Seasonings will take us,” said Al Copeland Jr., Chairman of the Board and CEO of Al Copeland Investments, parent company to DFSI. “We always strive for success and this process will be critical to expand our production and those we serve.” 

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